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In this post you will learn how to use WHATSAPP in your PC/laptop. There are many social networking media which people use to connect with their friends and relatives like WHATSAPP, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, VIBER, SKYPE etc. WHATSAPP is a very famous networking tool which is used by over 700 million active users per months. WHATS APP is a mobile networking application which is installed in phones and once it is installed user can use it to connect with their friends and relatives. They can share Audio/video files.Documents, text message or do voice or video call.

In this trick you will learn how to use WHATSAPP in PC/laptop. Before you use this trick please update your WHATSAPP application.


>Go to  in your pc/laptop

You will see the web page like this

>Now open your WHATSAPP in your Andriod phone

>click on the above shown 3 dots

>you will see below option as below now click on WHATSAPP web

>Now you will see that your smart phone is scanning QR code scan the QR code which is open on your pc from

>Now you can access your WHATSAPP from your PC

>Your can use WHATSAPP same as you use it on your Smart phone

>It works on all Android Smart phone, Windows Smart phone, IPhone

>if you want to auto sign in from your PC just tick mark keep me signed in your PC it will automatically sign in your WHATSAPP account from your Smart phone when you scan your QR code from your phone


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